51 – Deep Myth – DinoBeasts Interview

51 – Deep Myth – DinoBeasts Interview

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WorldCraft Club
51 - Deep Myth - DinoBeasts Interview

What happens in your setting when someone dies? Are there gods? Are they deeply concerned with the comings and goings of people or are they aloof and indifferent? The Coats Brothers creators of the DinoBeasts Comic create some of the tightest worldbuilding on myth that I’ve seen in some time. Their setting seems to have a personality of its own and is the subject of much conflict within the story. The outlooks of different characters and sapient races lends itself well to the creation of believable factions born out of a world that seems to want to end all of their lives. Join James and our guests James Coats (artist) and John Coats (story & colors) today as they break down how their setting is built and what tools they used to make cryptic myths that make their setting hum with depth and life. We’ll discuss how to think about the process of myth making in your writing so that your setting’s lore is rich and layered. This is a critical world building skill for those of use who like to leave our visitants scratching their heads and speculating about our world’s origins.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep your first love in mind, that first thought that caught your imagination. Build your setting (and mythology) off the back of that.
  • Consider how your different characters and races will respond to their present reality.
  • Construct your myth in reverse, let your characters, factions and races speculate rather than try to start from scratch.

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