50 – Where Have We Been?

50 – Where Have We Been?

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
50 - Where Have We Been?

Holy Cow!

It’s been a minute. Seth and I owe you an explanation for our absence. To that end, let’s appraise you of all we’ve been up to. The Worldbuilder’s Journal Kickstarter is now fully complete and delivered and reviews are coming back raving. Our Discord is in full swing and growing and now we’re ready to get back into producing this worldbuilding podcast on its prior schedule. We’re going to be delivering you top quality world building content every other week from now until the heat death of the universe and I’m thrilled about it. Thanks for inviting us back into your ears, we’re looking forward to hanging out there for long time.

Links and Sundry

  • Jog Brogzin – The artist for our pages and internals, he also helped a lot with layout, if you’re looking for an awesome map design for your next D&D campaign or book project he comes highly recommended. Oh! And we interviewed him here.
  • Marcos – This guy is something else. His work on our covers is second to none. Check out his Instagram.
  • Seths’ Books – Hey! Did you know that Seth writes? Well, he’s releasing books all the time, you should check em out!

We’re Everywhere!

  • The Worldbuilder’s Journal is what we sell and it’s what keeps the podcast independent. If you love what we’re making here and find it useful definitely take a look at the Journal it condenses our best ideas into something you can work through and create breathtaking worlds.
  • The WorldCraft Club Discord is where it’s at! We have an active and growing community that loves some worldbuilding, spirited debate and producing collaborative projects. I’m proud of this growing community and you should definitely join it.
  • The obligatory WorldCraft Club Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is where we post updates for the podcast, audiograms, all that fun stuff. Check out the page for updates on our various projects.

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