49 – Save Room for Wonder in Your Worldbuilding

49 – Save Room for Wonder in Your Worldbuilding

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
49 - Save Room for Wonder in Your Worldbuilding

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the process of worldbuilding? There’s just so much to learn and do, you’re building a whole world after all! But don’t sweat it. James and Seth dive into the process of getting yourself started worldbuilding focusing on the major factors that contribute to a well written world. The practice is focused on meaning rather than detail with the understanding that even the best, most detail-oriented authors were driven by their interests and passions into creating immersive worlds without worrying about creating something bullet proof.

Also, listen up because we have some big announcements in this episode.

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Key Concepts

  • Meaning centered worldbuilding is more efficient and engaging vs detail centered worldbuilding
  • Though detail centered worldbuilding is a ton of fun, it’s just not as efficient and tends to yield diminishing returns for your final work
  • You’ll never get your world totally right and someone will always be able to find fault, you might as well embrace your passion and focus on what helps you write
  • The most powerful settings made by some of your favorite authors intuitively focused on themes and that’s why their work was so effective

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