48 – Jog Brogzin and Collaborative Worldbuilding

48 – Jog Brogzin and Collaborative Worldbuilding

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
48 - Jog Brogzin and Collaborative Worldbuilding

Every GM is trying to creating a world with collaborators whether they like it or not. Authors are now embracing methodologies that include fans in their worldbuilding and story telling. How do you work well with others to create powerful settings and why might this be the best way to work? Long time collaborator and friend of the show Jog Brogzin has been busy. Like, really busy. Not just making awesome maps for Seth and his many other clients but building a collaborative world on his discord server one hex at a time. Seth and Jog go into detail on the process of cooking worlds with lots of chefs. What benefits this can yield and what pitfalls can make it tricky.

Key Takeaways

  • Collaboration might need some guard rails to be effective (final decision makers or voting on content)
  • Scope and boundaries are critical. A good understanding of the limitations of the world you’re creating can help you quickly determine what fits and what doesn’t.

Jog’s Stuff

  • Jog’s Website – Check out Jog’s dungeon tiles and some beautiful maps he’s made for order on his site.
  • Jog’s Patreon – This is where the magic happens. Get exclusive access to parts of Jog’s discord, 4k maps and much more!
  • Jog’s Instagram – Follow along to see the amazing content he produces on a daily basis.
  • Jog’s Facebook Page – Same deal as the instagram page.

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