46 – Creating Cultures, and why James needs to be asked at least 3 times if he wants tea

46 – Creating Cultures, and why James needs to be asked at least 3 times if he wants tea

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
46 - Creating Cultures, and why James needs to be asked at least 3 times if he wants tea

Fish don’t know they’re wet. We all have a culture whether we know it or not. We tend to see it clearly in others and recognize that it’s a pivotal part of worldbuilding. We all remember a particular race or culture in our favorite media’s world-building that set our imaginations on fire whether it’s the Necrons of Warhammer, the Protoss of StarCraft, or the Sylvan elves of Lord of the Rings a diverse array of cultures can bring your world to life. How do you start with creating cultures, though? James and Marcos discuss some of the best ways to develop your cultures and place them in your stories in a way that highlights them all the while building a culture of cybernetic vikings.

Key Takeaways

  • Decide what role you want your culture to play.
  • Location, location, location, where does your culture come from? This is a great first step when you’re asking questions about your culture.
  • Culture is a by-product of progress which is rooted in necessity.
  • Comedians are an excellent source of cultural commentary.
  • Contrast is your friend, highlight differences with your visitants culture.
  • Consider the impacts on neighboring cultures.

Links and Sundry

  • Synthesis – Massive spoilers ahead for Mass Effect. This is one of the three possible ending for the Mass Effect Trilogy. Where the endless conflict between organic and synthetic life is fixed by a complete blending of the two.
  • Shark Laser Cavalry Charge – This is the best thing ever.
  • Is Aquaman Good Worldbuilding? – Your question is invalid. There is Jason Mamoa. Seriously though, this thread is a really interesting discussion point for worldbuilding. All credit to -violetskies on our Discord for highlighting this.
  • When you get slapped for thinking – Satire is such a great source. This clip won’t really help you at all. But should probably watch it anyway.

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