42 – Worldbuilding Secret Sauce with Peter Chiykowski

42 – Worldbuilding Secret Sauce with Peter Chiykowski

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
42 - Worldbuilding Secret Sauce with Peter Chiykowski

But, what is the secret sauce!? Peter Chiykowski is all about it. He’s an award winning author, cartoonist, dog enthusiast and maker of awesome kickstarters and we get to pick his brains! We talk about it some of the key components to good worlds and how a creator can build such depth into their own settings. Take a second here to listen in on some of this solid wisdom.

Peter’s Links

  • The Deck of Worlds Kickstarter – This is THE Kickstarter for you get on the ground floor of if you want to get your brain motor running on creating settings. It’s a fantastic tool.
  • The Story Engine – The precursor to the Deck of Worlds, it’s a modular writing
  • Peter’s Website – Find out more about the man, the myth, the legend here.
  • Peter’s Comic – Rock, Paper, Cynic is a comic that Peter’s been doing for a long dang time and it’s worth some of your eye time.

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