39 – Jedi, Good, Bad, and Ugly

39 – Jedi, Good, Bad, and Ugly

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
39 - Jedi, Good, Bad, and Ugly

Happy Star Wars day everyone! May the Fourth be with you!

The Jedi are a staple in everyone’s worldbuilding imagination, most everyone wanted to be one at one time or another. Seth and I are gonna tell you why they’re terrible and not just cause they indoctrinate kids in their hokey religion or have a weird attachment to political power. The problems lie a little deeper, their philosophy presents the type of problems that generate Sith faster than Sith do.

Links and Sundry

  • Kreia’s Conundrums – Or was it conundra? Either way I highly recommend journeying down this rabbit hole. It will not disappoint.
  • Other Force Traditions – This was another interesting journey for me. There’s actually a lot of non-sith non-jedi force traditions out there.

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