38 – Food Glorious Food

38 – Food Glorious Food

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
38 - Food Glorious Food

There’s one thing that unites us all, one thing that is totally and indisputably common to the human experience. We eat (and breath, and probably whole bunch of other stuff but mostly that first thing). Every people has unique food and that food is informed by thousands (if not millions) of years of history, necessity, preference, resources and who knows what else. Baked into every element of food is the very richness of a culture and a ton of embedded knowledge. So why doesn’t everyone use it? Today Seth and James break down not just the history of some foods (why English food is so gross, why Eastern food has so many delicious spices and why American food tends toward the meaty middle) but how we help your audience connect with the foods you’re discussing. So, grab yourself a plate of delicious food and wash it down with some drink (goes great with food) while you git learnt.

Links and Sundry

  • A Phenomenal Guide to Great Food Words – Well, dang. This sucker is a useful link. Take some time to read this, you won’t regret it if you want to include solid food descriptions in your settings.

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