34 – Horror in the Margins: Interview with Zack Goings

34 – Horror in the Margins: Interview with Zack Goings

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WorldCraft Club
34 - Horror in the Margins: Interview with Zack Goings

Horror holds a grim fascination for millions of people but it can be elusive at times. The things that you’d think would draw out the biggest screams sometimes fall flat because they’re too obvious or gratuitous. Real horror lies in subtlety and the unknown. What if the best horror is in the margins, just outside of your eyeline. Watching, waiting. This is exactly what Zack Goings and the team at STONEworks Gaming have imbued into their recent kickstarter ‘Winthrop Manor’, a ZineQuest contribution and introduction to their broader setting ‘Dreadlands’. We find out a little more about exactly what they’re making while also learning some solid worldbuilding and dungeon mastering advice for the aspiring horrific creator.

But where do we find this awesome kickstarter?

  • The Lights of Winthrop Manor – Jump in and help these guys while you can. Even if it’s only a few dollars to help keep their project at the top of the algorithm would be helpful. This is a great way to support independent creators who you like but also to bolster the community and let folks know that this kind of work is loved by so many.
  • STONEworks Gaming can be found on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, their website and, of course, they’ve got a Patreon where you can lend them support.

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