32 – DinoBeasts

32 – DinoBeasts

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
32 - DinoBeasts

Ferror, the world of DinoBeasts, is merciless. Only the strong survive, the ones who pass the frequent testing of her savage jungles filled with deadly beasts. DinoBeasts is an action packed comic about a barbarian, the last of his species, on a desperate race against to the clock to recover a salamander princess who was kidnapped by ruthless adversaries but finds himself pitted, not only against foes of flesh and blood, but the very world itself. Today on the WorldCraft Club we talk with the Coats Brothers, creators of this comic, and find out how they convey this savage world to their readers. From the color palette, the line work and visual style to the pace of stories that are so often constrained and tricky with the comic book medium as the power of visuals is balanced against page real estate. How do you create a world where death is the norm and communicate danger from every pore? Find out in this fantastic discussion.

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