31 – Chekhov’s Obelisk

31 – Chekhov’s Obelisk

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
31 - Chekhov's Obelisk

As worldbuilders we constantly desire more detail in our settings but is it possible that we’re writing checks that can’t be cashed? When an object is placed in the world it’s inevitable that at least some your audience will place significance on it but the very act of worldbuilding is making things that exist, at times, only to facilitate a sense of place. This idea flies in the face of the principle of Chekhov’s Gun and setting expectations with your audience. How then do we reconcile this with worldbuilding especially with TTRPG where your ‘audience’ is also creating the world and their gaze can’t be focused wherever the narrator desires. Join Seth and Marcos as they dive into this idea and explore how Chekhov’s Gun can help your audience make sense of your world.

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