30 – Gameplay Mechanics and Worldbuilding

30 – Gameplay Mechanics and Worldbuilding

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
30 - Gameplay Mechanics and Worldbuilding

Why do people keep honking at James’ bike? How come no one cares that Marcos is streaking? Why can’t Seth get free burritos? Gameplay mechanics are where the game you’re making intersects with the world you were hoping to create. The truth is that almost any gameplay mechanic be it gunplay, stealth, inventory or crafting swipes against immersion in some way once you scratch the surface. No matter how well you pull your mechanics together you’re always going to find this but the best mechanics slot smoothly into the world by jiving with the feel and aesthetic that the creator is looking to make. Let’s dive into the specifics of how gameplay makes or breaks a world as we continue a brand new PunkCember episode of The WorldCraft Club.

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