25 – Magic: An Overview

25 – Magic: An Overview

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
25 - Magic: An Overview

Fantasy science or deus ex machina? What is magic? Is it a set of physical laws that govern elements of your setting? Is it the unknowable will of the gods? Can it be learned, mastered even? Is it opaque and mysterious? Magic is ever present in fantasy (some would argue it’s the essence of the genre) but grappling with its implications can feel daunting. Seth, Marcos and James do a dive into magic’s uses as a narrative tool, about how it changes a world and shapes your stories. Our intrepid hosts discuss the differences between hard and soft magic and explore some tools that can help uncover your Magic’s narrative purpose and help to give it shape.

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We were definitely inspired by some of these guys and we wanted to make sure they got a shoutout in our episode description.

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James lives somewhere in Pennsylvania with his wife and baby boy. He is an avid distance runner who really gets a kick out of talking to folks. His biggest asset might be his thorough enjoyment of people.

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