23 – Worlds That Endure

Adventure Time and Lord of the Rings obviously have a lot in common, but how much? There is a strong temptation to write worlds that entirely consistent ships in a bottle, where all the details are ironed out. That world, as long as it stays bottled, is perfect. When you put characters in it, though, and start writing your story you’ll find that the ship in a bottle is insufficient and the world must be experienced to truly come alive. Worlds can’t be separated from their audience or their media and as we experience those worlds the unknowns that we see, those dark shapes just beneath the surface of the narrative, drive a sense of wonder which is what draws us deeper into the world. Adrian Gramps and James dive into creating worlds that endure and find that, as ever, narrative and characters are what drive a vibrant world.

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James lives somewhere in Pennsylvania with his wife and baby boy. He is an avid distance runner who really gets a kick out of talking to folks. His biggest asset might be his thorough enjoyment of people.

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