20 – What is Worldbuilding?

Happy anniversary! It’s been one year since we’ve been publishing content related to Worldbuilding for you! We’re excited to continue that journey, but we first wanted to explore the ways we’ve been learning about worldbuilding. What new tips and tricks have we discussed? What sorts of things are we looking forward to in the future? What is fairy cake and what are believable spaces again? Join us for a time of reflection and setting new goals!

Welcome to the Club! Join us on the Worldcraft Club podcast as we dive in to your favorite movies, games, books, and stories to explore the design of their worlds and creative process. We talk about the process of Worldbuilding, the idea of writing and creating a believable space for your story to exist in. Whether designing a new culture to interact with your characters, or placing a setting that ties in closely with your narrative, your hosts Seth, James, and Jonathan are here to discuss the biggest story trends and how their settings bring the narrative to life. Inspire your imagination, learn some tricks to writing, and join the club for your next creative venture.

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James lives somewhere in Pennsylvania with his wife and baby boy. He is an avid distance runner who really gets a kick out of talking to folks. His biggest asset might be his thorough enjoyment of people.

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