18 – How We Build Our Worlds

What does the WorldCraft Club even do when they’re not on air? Why, they build worlds, obviously.

Today Marcos and Seth are questioned by James about the worlds they’ve been making. Seth dives into his digital world of Nova Terra and talks about its origins in the world of programming and testing extreme variables. His world was constructed as the result of a thought experiment, ‘how would an AI creating a video game compensate for an extreme outlier?’ and from the there the world grew. He talks about the various challenges and benefits of building a world in the GameLit genre. Marcos dives into ‘Beyond the Aether’ a dungeon punk D&D setting he’s now run a few campaigns in. His main vision appears to come from a fever dream he had where paladins with rainbow warhammers astride jet powered dragons rule the skies. In short his world was built from a visual theme that caught his attention and he figured ‘why not?’ and crafted his psychedelic world from that kernel. Both worlds have their own very unique flavors but, perhaps most importantly, they have different origins. The fairycake (core idea) used to build each of these worlds is vastly different and lead to some fascinating insights into the craft of worldbuilding. So, join us now to have your brain tantalized by some fantastic worldbuilding.

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