14 – Quick World: Dave Schmidt

14 – Quick World: Dave Schmidt

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
14 - Quick World: Dave Schmidt

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Okay folks, time to put our money where our mouth is and make something. Seth and James are joined by Dave Schmidt, webcomic artist, friend of the show, second time visitor and all around great guy to build a world off a few pieces of rich fairy cake. This results in a pretty zany pairing of totally unrelated ideas to make a unique universe to write our stories in. Quick Worlds are a regular feature on our patreon page but we decided to share this one with you, dear listener, to inspire your creativity.

How do Quick Worlds work?

It works like this, each host brings and idea, has to be short and sweet, they get a minute or two to explain it, we then discuss the implications of the world, establish boundaries and play around with different genres the world could find itself in. For this episode James brings an idea about two codependent species evolving together on a planet and Dave mandates that all combat is musical result is pandemonium.

Where’s Dave at?

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About the Author
James lives somewhere in Pennsylvania with his wife and baby boy. He is an avid distance runner who really gets a kick out of talking to folks. His biggest asset might be his thorough enjoyment of people.

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