12 – Haves and Have-nots

12 – Haves and Have-nots

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
12 - Haves and Have-nots

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The lines between wealth and poverty can be stark and jarring in the real world and often serve as a source of tension and conflict in our imagined ones. Seth and Marcos explore the use of this divide as a piece of fairy cake diving into its potential as a worldbuilding artifact. Different types of disparity are discussed from simple wealth to more esoteric questions like information, time, geography and the chilling possibility of rebellion. So, join us for a deep dive into this flexible concept and let it enrich the world’s you’re making.

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James lives somewhere in Pennsylvania with his wife and baby boy. He is an avid distance runner who really gets a kick out of talking to folks. His biggest asset might be his thorough enjoyment of people.

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