10 – Rivers

10 – Rivers

WorldCraft Club
WorldCraft Club
10 - Rivers

Do your streams seek vengeance? Do your waterways fall in love? Rivers form the veins and arteries of landmasses. They provide places for humans to gather and farm, travel and trade, they’re the lifeblood of civilization. So how do we make them well? Jon and James dive deep (pun intended) into the rivers and their function in worldbuilding covering everything from basic morphology to their deep metaphysical significance.


  • Okay, so this isn’t rivers per se, but it’s amazing. Highly recommend for a brief primer on geotechnics. Landslides aplenty.
  • WASD on Rivers <- this guy does an incredible job on map making.
  • Johnstown Flood this video is a little cheesy but it gives a good idea of what damage flooding can do especially as the result of a dam break.
  • The Big Stink this is where the Thames got super gross in London.

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