04 – Building Believable Spaces

In this episode of the Worldcraft club Seth and James talk about building worlds that your audience can believe in (or at least suspend their disbelief for). This has so much to do context, both the context of your audience as well as narrative cohesion. It’s through this process that Seth and James arrive at the idea of fairycake (a hitchhikers guide reference) where you establish your tone and most important elements of your story and fit your world to, in part, follow your narrative structure. 

Using this method Seth and James build a fictional city and inadvertently stumble on a good shorthand for doing so. Goal, what the city is made for, Governance, how a city is run and Geography a city’s physical environment.

Also, a brief correction: the capital of Australia is ‘Canberra’ not ‘Canterborough’. Just in case that turns up in a pub quiz.


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