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Join us on the Worldcraft Club podcast as we dive in to your favorite movies, games, books, and stories to explore the design of their worlds and creative process. We talk about the process of Worldbuilding, the idea of writing and creating a believable space for your story to exist in. Whether designing a new culture to interact with your characters, or placing a setting that ties in closely with your narrative, we are here to discuss the biggest story trends and how their settings bring the narrative to life.

Inspire your creativity, learn some WorldCrafting tricks, and join the club for your next adventure!


Our Episodes

34 – Horror in the Margins: Interview with Zack Goings

Horror holds a grim fascination for millions of people but it can be elusive at times. The things that you’d think would draw out the biggest screams sometimes fall flat because they’re too obvious or gratuitous. Real horror lies in subtlety and the unknown....

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33 – Mars is Having a Mid-Life Crisis

Maybe it's time for Mars to reclaim its youth in our fiction.

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32 – DinoBeasts

Ferror, the world of DinoBeasts, is merciless. Only the strong survive, the ones who pass the frequent testing of her savage jungles filled with deadly beasts. DinoBeasts is an action packed comic about a barbarian, the last of his species, on a desperate race...

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31 – Chekhov’s Obelisk

As worldbuilders we constantly desire more detail in our settings but is it possible that we’re writing checks that can’t be cashed? When an object is placed in the world it’s inevitable that at least some your audience will place significance on it but...

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30 – Gameplay Mechanics and Worldbuilding

Why do people keep honking at James’ bike? How come no one cares that Marcos is streaking? Why can’t Seth get free burritos? Gameplay mechanics are where the game you’re making intersects with the world you were hoping to create. The truth is that...

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29 – Worldbuilding in CyberPunk 2077, Post Play Discussion Part I

Well, we finally played it. We had high expectations for this game, did they pan out? Seth, Marcos and James dive deep into the worldbuilding of cyberpunk and discover the truest core of the wordbuilding ethos that surrounds the game and its genre. We...

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