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An ongoing conversation devoted to Worldbuilding and the crafting of fictional settings to inspire your creativity


Our Episodes

14 – Quick World: Dave Schmidt

Description – Okay folks, time to put our money where our mouth is and make something. Seth and James are joined by Dave Schmidt, webcomic artist, friend of the show, second time visitor and all around great guy to build a world off a...

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13 – Zombies

Description – The shambling horde slowly surrounds a safehouse while the survivors bicker over their dwindling food supplies inside. Zombies are a big part of our stories, they represent, not just an artifact of worldbuilding, but an entire sub genre of fiction. There’s just...

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12 – Haves and Have-nots

Description – The lines between wealth and poverty can be stark and jarring in the real world and often serve as a source of tension and conflict in our imagined ones. Seth and Marcos explore the use of this divide as a piece of...

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11 – Interview: RPG For You and Me

Description – Cyber-fantasy world Caldonyx is a neon colored masterpiece lovingly crafted by Doug and Alli of the RPG for You and Me Podcast. Part drama, part action, part comedy all duet Savage Worlds actual play. They’ve received some well earned praise for a...

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10 – Rivers

Do your streams seek vengeance? Do your waterways fall in love? Rivers form the veins and arteries of landmasses. They provide places for humans to gather and farm, travel and trade, they’re the lifeblood of civilization. So how do we make them well? Jon...

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09 – Superheroes

Where do superheroes fit in worlds? Seth and James look into the worlds that support superhero narratives, how they are effective and ways that they sometimes fail. So join us for a discussion on why Superhero stories are inevitably speculative, why James thinks DCEU...

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