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An ongoing conversation devoted to Worldbuilding and the crafting of fictional settings to inspire your creativity


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07 – Interview: Dave Schmidt

Description – In this special episode of the Worldcraft Club we interview Dave Schmidt, about his work on Recovery, his online webcomic. Dave’s approach to worldbuilding is fairly easy going as he builds a post apocalyptic western with heavy influences from 90’s era anthropomorphic...

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06 – Cyberpunk

Description – Cyberpunk is all the rage! With CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 and Seth’s minor obsession with Shadowrun we’ve been chomping at the bit to dive into this genre. Seth and James discuss the implications of this genre on worldbuilding, what makes a...

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05 – Interview: Jon Bell

Description On this episode of Worldcraft club we talk to Jon Bell a friend of the show, collaborator and tentacle faced denizen of the Underdark (Dungeon Master) about his ideas on world creation for Table Top Roleplaying Games (TTRPG). Discussing how to engage your...

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04 – Building Believable Spaces

In this episode of the Worldcraft club Seth and James talk about building worlds that your audience can believe in (or at least suspend their disbelief for). This has so much to do context, both the context of your audience as well as narrative...

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03 – Interview: IE Horton

Description James interviews game designer and author IE Horton about his process in worldbuilding for his new old book ‘Deity Principle’. IE Horton stresses the importance of putting the work into your worlds but also that worldbuilding is a labor love that you must...

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02 – GameLit

James and Seth discuss the newest hottest sub-genre of sci fi around, GameLit, in this episode of the Worldcraft Club Podcast.  Tune in to hear about how you can make the most of the benefits and avoid some of the challenges of this unique...

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